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Tuesday 10:00 am
Thursday 5:40 pm
Saturday 10:40 am
Other time available on request

o Weekly 40 minute classes
o Four people in a class
o Mat, swiss ball, roller, theraband and
weights exercises
o Studio Reformer® with a Trapeze Table
o SMS reminders for classes
o Private health fund rebate
o All equipment provided
o Home program provided
o Wear loose comfortable clothing
appropriate for exercising


What is Movement Based Therapy?


How do you join a class?


One on One


Movement based Therapy (Clinical pilates) is a highly individualised form of exercises that incorporate traditional Pilates.
It is based around finding your specific
‘direction preference’ or ‘movement bias’.
Clinical Pilates has a role in:

● improving stability around your spine
● preventing recurrence of back pain
● improving posture
● toning your abdomen, leg and arm

One-to-One Assessment (40mins)

Vivian Chu
Clinical Pilates Practitioner

One-to-One Assessment (40mins)
Our experienced Physiotherapists have
trained extensively with DMA Clinical Pilates™.

A 1:1 whole-body assessment is completed to determine your body’s preferred movement pattern and individual goals relative to your injury history. An exercise program tailored to your physical function and needs will be prescribed.

One-on-one Session (40 mins)

After initial Assessment, you will attend
2-3 one-on-one sessions, to continue to
work through and develop your program.
These one-on-one sessions allow the
physiotherapist to educate you on
technique and body awareness.

Physical Therapy Session

Group Exercises

Pilates-informed group exercises session (40 mins)

Your physiotherapist will determine your
progression to group sessions. There are a maximum of 4 people in each class, with
each individual working through their
tailored exercise program.

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